CLUE 2023 Symposium – Resources

CLUE presented its 2nd annual symposium, showcasing the research of the project’s second year and looking ahead to the future, on May 11, 2023, 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the University of Toronto Faculty Club’s Wedgwood Room.

Several presenters generously consented to sharing their presentation files. Follow a hyperlinked presentation title to access the respective file.

Session 1 – Freight Data Analytics for Safety and Emissions (Moderator: Dr. Judy Farvolden, University of Toronto Mobility Network)

Understanding freight fluidity on arterial roads and its correlation with collisions – Prateek Jain, York University

A risk index for hazardous material transport in Peel – Nishit Bhavsar, McMaster University

A freight emissions monitoring approach for freeways in the GTHA – Carlos Rivera, University of Toronto

Session 2 – Efficiency and Technology (Moderator: Doolin O’Rielly, City of Toronto Transportation Services)

Robot delivery in pedestrian areas – Farah Ghizzawi, University of Toronto

Subscription-based delivery programs in last-mile logistics – Behnaz Naeimian, York University

Reverse retail logistics with budgetary constraints – Erdem M. Coskun, McMaster University

Session 3 – Environment and Equity (Moderator: Dr. Judy Farvolden, University of Toronto Mobility Network)

Crowdfeeding distribution: matching demand to supply – Ahana Malhotra, McMaster University

Equity in the distribution of truck emissions in Toronto: Evidence from the past decade – Jad Zalzal, University of Toronto

Improving the battery efficiency on electric cargo cycles for urban centers – Adonai Garcia, York University

Symposium Chair

Dr. Matthew Roorda, Professor, Department of Civil & Mineral Engineering, University of Toronto and Principal Investigator, City Logistics for the Urban Economy (CLUE)