CLUE welcomes Dr. Carlos Iván Rivera Gonzalez

Carlos Rivera in graduation robes

City Logistics for the Urban Economy is pleased to welcome postdoctoral fellow Dr. Carlos Iván Rivera Gonzalez to the research team at the University of Toronto under the supervision of Professor Matt Roorda.

Carlos obtained his PhD in Transportation Engineering in 2022 from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). His doctoral dissertation developed a mathematical model that minimizes the social cost of locating distribution centres while simultaneously assigning freight tour flows. His research was conducted under the supervision of Professor Jose Holguin-Veras.

During his doctoral studies, Carlos worked as a research assistant at the Center for Infrastructure, Transportation and Environment at RPI.

Prior to this, Carlos obtained an MSc in economics from RPI, and an MSc in civil engineering with a focus on transportation engineering from Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

During his professional experience, Carlos worked in several different countries (i.e., Colombia, USA, and Chile) participating in diverse projects including freight transportation, land-use policy, and mass transit (accessibility, equity, finances). In these projects, he was involved in survey preparation and deployment, data collection methods, demand modelling, and more. In addition, he has participated in important and successful private-public-academic collaborations.

Carlos’ line of research aims to foster transportation systems and supply chains in which efficiency, livability, and environmental objectives are achieved. To do so, he researches the interconnections among urban economies, land-use and transportation systems, and supply chains to identify ways to foster economic efficiency, sustainability, quality of life, and environmental justice.