New Truck Simulator has Arrived to the University of Toronto

This image shows the quarter-cab truck driving simulator . The image shows the entire setup which is composed of 3 monitors, steering wheel and pedals. Also, in the image Prof. Roorda and doctoral student Alia Galal appear

The Smart Freight Centre is excited to announce the arrival and installation of a quarter-cab truck driving simulator at the University of Toronto. The simulator will allow researchers to discover and analyze ways to improve truck and road safety through truck driver training, testing technological advancements and systems in the truck, suggesting potential policy changes, and much more. The first user is Ph.D. student Alia Galal, who is developing and testing driver training modules to reduce hazardous interactions between trucks, pedestrians, and cyclists.

The truck simulator provides a wide field of view through three 50-inch high-definition monitors, has a real-truck driver seat, steering wheel, gear shifter, driving pedals, and dashboard, as well as a motion base that conveys the surface roughness and motion sensations of the vehicle to the driver for a highly realistic driving experience. Users can design and tailor their own driving scenarios using the simulator’s software. For more information about the truck simulator, contact Professor Matt Roorda.

Photo: Phill Snell, University of Toronto