Dr. Judy Farvolden Farewell

Dr Farvolden Headshot

Dr. Judy Farvolden, founding managing director of Mobility Network at the University of Toronto, announced her retirement. Dr. Farvolden was crucial in establishing the Smart Freight Centre network and was vital in the ongoing City Logistics for Urban Economy (CLUE) project. Through her extensive network of industry and government partners, she helped identify opportunities to apply the University of Toronto’s broad and deep transportation research expertise.

Dr. Farvolden served on the board of the Canadian Urban Institute, the advisory board of the Urban Land Institute, Toronto Chapter, the Toronto Region Board of Trade’s Council on Goods Movement, the City of Vaughan’s Smart Cities Advisory Task Force, and the editorial advisory board of Electric Autonomy Canada.

Throughout her successful career, Dr. Farvolden held senior management positions in several Toronto start-up companies and consulted on financial technology management. She has advanced degrees in both engineering and planning: a Ph.D. from Princeton University in transportation and operations research and a master’s degree in urban planning from the University of Toronto. She received a Certificate in Public Policy through Harvard Kennedy Executive Education in October 2021.